Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At least I'm consistent...

Hello everyone! So it's beginning to feel a little bit like fall with the leaves changing color and the evenings are cooling down (finally!). Yesterday I went out for my YOYO run (YOYO= you are on your own) and did 50 minutes on the local high school track. I felt awesome, I had a good pace going (11:30 per mile), faster then my usual pace (12:00 per mile) and I had my breathing down. I ran by myself because Kyle has been injured for the past couple of days and the doc told him to stay off his feet. I actually enjoyed being the only one out there- it gave me time to think and clear my brain from the everyday stresses of fundraising, working and wedding planning, not to mention the state of our economy. I ended up doing just under 4.5 miles but I stopped at the 50 minute mark...I could have kept going!

Today we did a hill workout- my, oh my, those hills were awful today! No matter how hard I tried, I just didn't feel like I was moving. We run some pretty long steady hills down in Danville and in the past, I could run the big hill in 4:06 minutes but today, I couldn't get up that darn hill faster than 4:21 minutes.

Coach Al always plays games with the team on hill days because he is always trying to get us to become more consistent with our paces. Last time, he had us run up the hill once and didn't say anything to us but "get to the top at a nice easy pace." Then, he took our watches away from us and told us to run the same hill as close to our original time as possible. Most people went faster than their original times because they were putting forth more effort, I on the other hand, ran the hill only 1 second faster than my first time and for my consistency, I won a prize (Shot blocks and Gu- doesn't sound like much but believe me, they are gems on 8+ mile runs).

Well today, Coach Al had us run up that same LONG hill 3 times and he told us to keep it consistent- he even let us keep our watches this time. My first time was 4:27, then 4:21, and then 4:30. Even though I was having an "off" day I still managed to win the prize because I was consistently slow all three times- only an 11 second difference between all my trys! Most people had a 20 second range. But hey, at least I'm consistent. When I'm slow, I'm slow and when I'm really slow, I'm really slow ;)

Well that's all for now- I'm exhausted, but I hope everyone out there has a good day! :)

PS. Sorry I haven't had any pictures lately- it's been getting dark earlier and we haven't taken too many. I will try and post some from our run this Saturday but it's supposed to rain. For now, here's a pic of the cupcakes I made for last weekend's Honoree BBQ. :)

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