Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Week in Review: Week 6

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming back! So this week was our 6th week of training for TNT and we started it with a track workout on Tuesday down in San Ramon. It was a difficult workout as it was the first time we focused more on speed than long distance endurance. We did our normal stretches and then we were off. We first ran 400 meters, walked 200 meters, ran 600 meters, walked 200 meters, and then ran 800 meters- all as fast as we possibly could! Then we did the same workout but backwards with a 1/2 mile cool down (Picture: that's me doing my cool down with 2 fabulous teammates). I don't think I have ever ran 3 miles so quickly but my hamstrings were convincing me of this as well over the next couple of days.

Wednesday was a cross training day and we are allowed to do any type of exercise as long as it doesn't encourage pounding of the feet (i.e. more running, soccer, basketball, etc...). Yoga and weight training are recommended but it was a beautiful day and I felt like being outdoors so I grabbed my Rollerblades and Kyle, and we went rollerblading along the Iron Horse Trail for an hour. It definitely made me feel like a kid complaints here! :)

Thursday we had a buddy run at Heather Farms. Those of us running full marathons were scheduled to run 45 minutes- I ran with my friend Jenny. She is a wonderful running partner! We talked about all kinds of things including wedding planning, work, etc... and before we knew it 45 minutes was up and we had ran 4 miles. It made me realize how in only a short month and a half, my body has already made huge progress and is running further than I ever imagined.

Today, Saturday, we had our 8 mile mentor lead run down in Livermore. It started off cool and cloudy but the clouds eventually moved to the side and it became a bright sunny morning. The trail was breathtaking, taking us through vineyards and rolling hills. I managed to keep a solid pace going through most of the run and managed to get the same time as last weekend, just with a longer distance; 1 hour 34 minutes to complete 8 full miles! Woo-hoo!!

Well, thanks for checking in! I'm off to a team social tonight to celebrate our achievements thus far.

Peace, Love & a Cure! -C.

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