Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where did all that SPEED come from?

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

Tonight was our second track workout down in San Ramon. It was a tough workout because again we focused on speed but can somebody tell me where all that speed came from?!?! We all know I'm not the fastest runner, but today, I ran faster and harder than I ever have and I surprised myself by it. So here was my workout and following the distances are my times. Keep in mind a normal lap around the track (400 meters) takes me about 3 minutes.

400m - warm up
Stretching and abs
400m - 2:15 minutes
200m - walk
800m - 4:31 minutes
200m - walk
1000m - 6:00 minutes
400m - walk
400m - 2:15 minutes
200m - walk
800m - 4:25 minutes
200m - walk
1000m - 5:35 minutes
800m - cool down jog

We covered 4.25 miles today, and 2.75 miles of that was running at full throttle. If you can't tell, I'm still shocked at the vast improvement I made compared to our last track workout and also, my overall normal pace. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow but hey, it's all worth it. It reminds of this guy's shirt I saw this weekend that said on the front "If you think training for a marathon is hard..." and on the back it said " TRY CHEMO" It made me think how lucky I am to have my health and healthy family and friends and most importantly, the ability to run for such a great cause. If one good thing comes out of my blogging, I hope that I encourage one more person to join Team in Training. I think it may just be the best thing I have ever decided to do.

Well I should get to bed but I wanted to throw it out there that I am hosting a Team in Training Fundraising Party at the Sports Basement in Walnut Creek on October 10th. If you are from the area, mark it on your calendar!


<3, Clara


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