Saturday, September 6, 2008

7.6 miles

It was early Saturday morning, my alarm clock went off and I knew what was to come- a full 7 mile run in the already hot Walnut Creek sun. I put on my running capris, my TNT jersey, my running socks and shoes, my heart rate monitor, my water belt, my hat, and my sunglasses. Did you know you need this much stuff to run?!? I headed off to Heather Farms to join the rest of my team for quick announcements, stretches, shout outs and a moment of silence for those who are currently battling or have lost their battle with cancer. Today, we were running in honor of Kendra who has been cured of Hodgkin's Disease for 10 whole years!

The run started off slow but steady (okay, okay, I'm always slow but at least I try to be steady) and it went well for the first couple of miles. In mile 3 we had to climb a very steep hill, although it was short, it was difficult due to the grade. Once I was at the top though, I had a great view of Walnut Creek and the mountains in the distance. After the hill, about a half mile later, we had to run through this long tunnel that took us under a busy road, the tunnel was very skinny, maybe 4 feet wide and only 6 feet tall. I had to take of my sunglasses because it was so dark, I wasn't really sure where I was headed. We ended up spending about 3 miles along trails that intertwined through local neighborhoods, which gave me something to look at most of the time.

By mile 5.75, I was starting to get some lower back pain. I've been getting this sometimes along with some shin and knees aches, but nothing consistent so I don't think it's too serious...although you never know, especially running that many miles every week. So I took a little break and walked awhile. Around mile 6.5, Coach Al caught up to me and started talking to me. He's great motivation and helped me finish the 7 mile run along with the 0.6 mile "extra credit". Overall, it was a great run- I completed all 7.6 miles in 1 hour 34 minutes (including a couple water breaks, and stopping for traffic). My legs are tired but I feel great and I'm so proud of myself and my team for making it 7.6 miles today! Great job everyone!

Peace, Love & a Cure! - C.

P.S. Thanks again to those of you who have donated. Here are some of the ways your money has helped- so you can see, even a little bit counts!!REMEMBER- to donate, visit my donation page at:
$1000 supports one week’s salary for a medical researcher at UCSF, Stanford, or Berkeley who may discover key information to developing curative treatments for blood cancers.
$500 provides a blood cancer patient with financial assistance for one year.
$500 allows 10 patients to log on to a webcast and hear the latest information in treatment for their disease.
$200 provides a Family Support Group Program for one year for a patient and their family.
$150 allows 5 patients to make a First Connection with a trained peer volunteer.$100 provides 3 patients access to an information teleconference.
$75 is the average cost of tissue typing to become a bone marrow donor.
$50 is the cost of a CT scan
$40 is the cost of sending a comprehensive packet of information for children with cancer.
$35 pays for transportation expenses for a patient living in Northern California’s most rural areas to treatment at a comprehensive cancer center.
$25 covers a single prescription co-payment.
$5 is the cost of sending a newly diagnosed patient information about support and their disease.

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