Tuesday, October 7, 2008

3.2.1. or wait, was it 2.3.1?

Welcome back to my blog! Tonight we had a track workout down in San Ramon. I haven't quite decided yet if I like track workouts (besides from running on the track by myself on Mondays). We have some pretty fast runners on our team and they leave me in the dust, even when I feel like I'm giving my all, I look at them and feel like I'm not even moving! But then again, God didn't bless me with legs that go on for miles and a lot of my speedy teammates have legs like Heidi Klum. Okay, maybe not like Heidi Klum but they do have some nice height on them.

Today, we were split up into team's of 3 (Runner #1, #2 and #3). Our workout was sort of confusing...let me see if I can explain. So Runner #1 first ran 1 lap, then #2 ran 2 laps and #3 ran 3 laps ( I was #3 on our team). Then, once #3 was done, #1 would start again, but this time, would run 2 laps, #2 runs 3 laps, and #3 runs 1 lap. Then, once #3 finished their 1 lap, #1 would start again, this time running 3 laps, #2 runs 1 lap and #3 runs 2. Confused yet?

So, when we were running our assigned laps, we were to be running at an 85% effort- which means give it your all pretty much! To make it more confusing, when you were waiting for your teammates to finish up their assigned laps, you were to be running the reverse way on the track in a nice easy jog. However, a nice easy jog is much slower than running at an 85% effort, so if you saw your teammate was almost done with their assigned laps and you weren't close to the starting line, you had to sprint across the track or field to get to that starting point.

It was pretty confusing having people running all over the place and trying to keep track of your teammates and what "assignment" you were to be running. Oh, and did I mention Coach Al wanted us to do the whole circuit- twice?!?!!? It was fun but it ended up taking too much time and we cut it a little short. Overall, I ended up doing about 4 miles and 2.75 of it was at full effort.

I was feeling a little slow again today but I am feeling much better overall and very happy to be back outside and running. Kyle, on the other hand, is still fighting off his cold so please send healthy thoughts his way. They will be much appreciated!

Have a wonderful rest of the week...I'll write more on Saturday after my long 12-mile run!


Love, C.

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runningjanice said...

Hi clara! I hope your event goes well. Too bad I am swamped with tons of work to do all through the weekend, and I just found out about sports basement. The track workout does sound very confusing but GREAT JOB nevertheless. I wish I could attend everything, see you soon!! -janice